Triphala means, ‘three fruits’ which is the unique mixture of bibhitaki, amalaki, and haritaki. Each herb is measured to equal weights separately then combined to form triphala. Existing as the panacea of ayuurvedic medica, triphala is a chief compound for doshic regulation by supporting the healthy regeneration of vata, pitta, and kapha. Acting as one of the most supportive medicine within the scope of ayurvedic pharmacology, virtually anyone can benefit from consistent intake of triphala.

The uses for triphala are vast and have been implemented for healing issues within the skin and eyes, general digestive detoxification, liver support, and constipation. It has the capacity to relive gas and bloating, general debility, acts as a support for alleviating influenza, sore throats, and elimination of excessive ama. In certain cases it is used as supportive medicine for diabetes, edema, high cholesterol, and malabsorption. Many times triphala is separately added to herbal protocols to strengthen an over all healing direction.

Apart from treatment, triphala can be used habitually throughout life by acting as a helpful agent for preventive medicine. Over time, triphala continuously improves the harmony or doshic integration by strengthening organ functionality and elimination of waste. This is evident due to it being a great antioxidant and laxative. Famously known for its horrid taste, triphala creates a repulsed reaction the moment it touches the tongue which ironically strengthens its healing capacity. It’s as if the taste alone terrifies all disease promoting toxins to run from the body. All to often, triphala compliance is lost due to this reason which is unfortunate because its expressions in taste indicates what is lacking in the diet. For example, bitter implies a need for more leafy greens, sour calls for more lemon or lime, pungent demands pepper in order to stoke agni. Over time, by listening to the taste of triphala a new relationship to dietary need develops as detoxification is supported by dietary intelligence.


Kyle Roberts take the mystery out of -and puts the fun into- the study and practice of Ayurveda. His reverent yet practical approach leaves his students with a wealth of information and his clients with personalized road maps that enable them to experience the immediacy and power of this ancient healing system.

~ Francis Cole Jones
Bridgehampton, NY