The Dharmic Pursuit

The aim of ayurveda practice is ultimately the realization of one’s greatest potential and understanding the transcendental experience. To achieve a state of transcendence the use of ayurveda acts as a vehicle working to transport one closer to a realization of bliss. Spiritual endeavors require reaffirmations throughout life and refinement of practice in order to discover higher consciousness. As a spiritual practice works through a systematic use of techniques, success will be granted from regular actions of supportive behavior. Within the pursuit of enlightenment the greatest of techniques is alignment with a great purpose.

The foundation on which spiritual success should be attained is supreme comprehension of dharma, which is the directed focus of all ayurvvedic practice. Translating at “duty” or “responsibility” dharma represents the purpose one serves throughout their lifetime and how one responsibly relates to the world around them. Functioning as purpose or life calling dharma acts through the roles one undertakes to fulfill needs within society by cultivating higher virtuosic values within humanity. Dharmic purpose gives intense reason to live and inspires passion to preserver through times of strife.

Functioning as the work one is responsible for, dharma can denote profession which occupies the majority of one’s time in earlier years. This profession should be supported by natural talents and enjoyed rather than plagued with monotony. Though not always glamorous, a job should reflect our innate ability to serve the community through action. These talents are the various roles people perform throughout society being it commerce, education, protection of others, innovation, parental, legal assistance or any duty that requires time commitments.

Dharma also reflects responsibility which acts as our upholding behavior to other members of society and the environment. Treating the world with compassion serves as a force for negating the strength of negativity and allows the flourishing of consciousness. Wishing good will for others, respecting nature, and helping society through charitable actions supports higher dharmic understanding.

Despite the multiplicity of spiritual techniques and religions, it ultimately comes down to a personal understanding of dharmic purpose in order to transcend into higher consciousness. Daily ayurveda and yoga practice confirms this basic understandings of dharma by asking one’s self, what is my purpose? What responsibilities am I fulfilling for my family, friends, and community? Am I achieving my greatest potential through my actions? If one consistently ponders these questions the mystic way of dharma unveils itself and leads the individual into a true destiny.


In 2012, I suffered a severe bout of ulcerative colitis that had conventional doctors advocating surgery to remedy the problem. I was determined to find an alternative to surgery. At the suggestion of my girlfriend, I met with Kyle seeking remedy for my condition. Looking back, it was absolutely the best choice. Our first appointment was impressive. Unlike most doctors, Kyle sought to treat the patient, not the condition. He was thorough and holistic in his approach and consideration of my situation. While prescribing a distinctively Ayurvedic course of treatment, he was careful to consider the other, more conventional treatments I was taking at the time. In my experience, modern medicine has never done this. Since that first evaluation, I have seen Kyle several times. His level of attention and consideration has been consistent and thoughtful. Moreover, his prescriptions have been effective. Other alternative practitioners have corroborated the benefits of the herbs and dietary prescriptions Kyle has suggested. Since my initial hospitalization, I have only had one mild recurrence of symptoms and no need of surgery. It is my strong feeling that his Ayurvedic treatment was the most beneficial and effective, for me, of the various remedies I have taken.

~ Chris Hanson,
Glen Ridge, NJ