Skin Infections

Skin infections are most prevalent from within a pitta imbalance and should be addressed internally and topically. The skin functions as a barrier between the inner you and external world. Many times the internal “you” becomes toxic and creates a problem in the external part of your skin. Also working through the opposite an infection can overwhelm your skin causing a problem topically which can infiltrate the inner you. No matter the scenario, it’s wise to cleanse the blood and address the infection at its precise location.

Within Ayurveda skin issues are addressed through the liver and blood which can express themselves through the quality of skin health. In order for the blood to be toxin free it’s wise to maintain a proper state of hydration as well as intake of high quality fruit and vegetable juice. Liquids enter the blood stream quickly and will directly improve skin issues if consumed in a proper manner. For inflammatory issues on the skin such as acne and rash regular regular intake of purified water, cranberry or pomegranate juice, and kale/carrot/apple/celery juice will be beneficial. Apart from herbal medications its very important to consistently intake fresh juices and water.

The most important herb for cleansing the blood and improving skin symptoms is turmeric. Turmeric should be taken regularly with meals as a spice but should additionally be taken in capsulated form throughout the day. Its beneficial to take up to 5,000 mg of turmeric daily which is substantially large in dose but will help calm infections quickly. Turmeric powder can also be made into a paste by adding a little water and applying topically. This paste is then wrapped in gauze and left on for an hour or over night. This will temporarily stain the skin orange but turmeric’s strong anti-bacterial qualities will diminish the severity of the infection. Additionally, neem can be taken in the same manner both internally and externally as a paste. Neem is a great ayurvedic herb that cools/cleanses the blood, heals the liver, and improves clarity of skin.

Lastly, avoiding foods that have excessive amounts of processed sugar, foods that are overly oily or fried such as french fries, excessive salt, and hot condiments will help alleviate symptoms. In support of this regime its wise to follow a diet that is somewhat raw such as salads, sprouts, and fruit. In addition, lentils, whole grains, and green vegetables help overall treatment.


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~ Francis Cole Jones
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