March 5th, 2017

Within recent involvements, the Nath Mela has been experienced as most important as well as most profound. The Mela, meaning, “gathering” occurred at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, located in the southern most tip of the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. Any land surrounded by the meeting of two rivers is generally considered auspicious which forms an arena supportive for spiritual establishments to thrive. This special river location is supportive for The Sanctuary which functions as a charged retreat center for personal transformation.

Considering these spiritual retreats are spread out around the world, it’s always an interesting experience to travel to distant lands for purposes of meditation and simple amusements of adventure. The Mela was a place for meditative practices to take place which was guided by the enigmatic Sri Kapilnath, the leader of the International Nath Order. Operating within a rhythm of mantra practice and ritual, many individual breakthroughs were made and friendships developed. Throughout the week, we connected with different forms of meditation that not only altered the mind in various ways but opened insights to crucial aspects of life. The harmony of mind and nature made for a synthesis of special moments.

Meditation practice occurred at three separate moments within the day. Though these practices required the majority of our time, there was enough space in each day to lounge by a waterfall and watch monkeys jump from trees. In-between sessions we informally listened to Kapilnath discuss anything from astrology to alchemy. Moments with him were truly a special vibe which occurred between drinking the best coffee in Costa Rica and eating superior vegetarian cuisine which was provided with love by the working yogis of The Sanctuary. Discussions with Kapilnath and meditative actions harmonized the group to the culmination at Shivaratri on February 24th with a dhuni rite (sacred fire) which concluded the Mela in a fashion that cannot be described in words.

Now in the wake of such a beautiful week I can reflect and know that it’s a privilege to have moments like this. There is something special that arises from applying refined effort to life in order to connect with a special outcome, there’s a unique vibe that touches the heart by being in the company of inspiring people, and there’s much healing in using meditation to digest the pains of humanism. It’s good to leave the bullshit behind and connect with the higher potential.

I’m happy in knowing that great meditation guides are with us in this life and share a positive energy through places like the The Sanctuary at Two Rivers. I’m happy in knowing that events like the Mela present practices that help obliterate obstacles in life and spread light to areas that are ignored. These realities are good things and are available to check into. During the week, I would sit by the pool at night surrounded by darkness and the sounds of the jungle which gave an affirmation that life is extremely temporary. It was sweet to recline and watch the stars in peace knowing that life is indeed a momentary experience which should be used in unique ways of love.

Instead of getting totally lost in silly games of human drama, it’s probably healthy to find a nice truth. I highly suggest experimenting and traveling to Costa Rica. You will not be disappointed with opportunities of participation at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers which is operated by two amazing people, Naganath and Liz Lindh. The food is vegetarian and high quality, the accommodations are first-class jungle-style and the vibe is supreme. The awakening is occurring in Central America. Go Investigate! Om Namah Shivaya

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~ Francis Cole Jones
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