Through the devoted practice of understanding the unique chemistry of one's life and its relationship to this world a profound state of health and self knowing can occur. Assistance and proper guidance is tremendously helpful for those who want a long term change to the forces that restrict genuine health. In order to discover this quality of “health” one should devote themselves to understanding the influences of “actions” that are presently being made within the body and mind.

Purpose. The essence of the ayurveda approach is instilling meaning to life. Ayurveda (science of life) views an individual as one who holds unique purposes which must be brought forth to instill peace. This understanding relies on personal health for these purposes to be expressed. Through my travels I see great vitality amongst people living with purpose which in return bestows wellbeing into their life and society. Living for truth is understood as a pursuit of dharma which directly supports one’s place in time. Dharma can be seen as honest actions that make life continue towards greatness. This approach relies on performance of responsibilities that uphold relationships. To understand this concept meditate on the following:

  • what are my personal responsibilities for this current place and time in life?
  • what are my talents and how are they being expressed to the world?
  • what current actions are supporting my environment and society?


In 2012, I suffered a severe bout of ulcerative colitis that had conventional doctors advocating surgery to remedy the problem. I was determined to find an alternative to surgery. At the suggestion of my girlfriend, I met with Kyle seeking remedy for my condition. Looking back, it was absolutely the best choice. Our first appointment was impressive. Unlike most doctors, Kyle sought to treat the patient, not the condition. He was thorough and holistic in his approach and consideration of my situation. While prescribing a distinctively Ayurvedic course of treatment, he was careful to consider the other, more conventional treatments I was taking at the time. In my experience, modern medicine has never done this. Since that first evaluation, I have seen Kyle several times. His level of attention and consideration has been consistent and thoughtful. Moreover, his prescriptions have been effective. Other alternative practitioners have corroborated the benefits of the herbs and dietary prescriptions Kyle has suggested. Since my initial hospitalization, I have only had one mild recurrence of symptoms and no need of surgery. It is my strong feeling that his Ayurvedic treatment was the most beneficial and effective, for me, of the various remedies I have taken.

~ Chris Hanson,
Glen Ridge, NJ